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Il Freddo, e quindi la Conservazione degli alimenti, rappresenta oggi la grande sfida della Cucina Moderna. Impianti precisi con prestazioni certe garantiscono il massimo della qualità dei prodotti e il minimo dei consumi.

Refrigerators and Vine Cellars

Refrigerators with versatile interiors, with sliding shelves that house containers and food of varying sizes.

Glass-front refrigerated wine cellars with elegant wooden shelves of untreated wood, to preserve your wines on.

Maximum temperature control to ensure fine wines can be enjoyed over time, without altering the flavour.

Cucine DeManincor, banchi frigo
Cucine DeManincor, refrigerated counters
Cucine DeManincor, refrigerated counters
Cucine DeManincor, refrigerated counters

Customised Refrigerated Counters

DeManincor cold tables guarantee that desired and uniform temperatures are reached in 40% less time than standard tables, thus improving the preservation of the food.

There is a wide selection of cold tables and freezers with a variety of possible combinations: with doors, with doors and drawers, with drawers only. 

Cantina Vini
Cantina Vini


The wine cellar can be customised in accordance with the amount of space available, the temperatures and lights set as desired and always under control. A prestigious product for real connoisseurs.


Spacious food product coolers for the large-scale volumes and needs of restaurants and cafeterias. DeManincor is able to provide systems that include Cold management....

  • Frigoriferi su Misura

Refrigerated counters, cold rooms and professional blast-chillers for restaurants. The best cooling machinery available... for your home....