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Tradition and Innovation

It all began with an idea: what we are designs the space we live in.

The result, which DeManincor really offers, is that our kitchen can become a mirror image of who we are.

Our imagination becomes matter and craftsmanship becomes class: the professional kitchens of DeManincor, for chefs in their own home.

Equipped to perform at high levels in the homes of enthusiasts who know just how to love them and use them to their full potential, they are bold projects of exquisite modernity or charming classic style, they are masterpieces of sheer beauty. Nothing less than total perfection is contemplated at DeManincor. 
From the choice of materials to the elegance of the design and the constantly improving technological innovations, DeManincor Bespoke Kitchens fulfils the demands of need and creativity.

Always innovative - and not just for the mere pleasure of being so - DeManincor is accustomed to being ahead of its time.

It's story is one of success, of tradition that is able to create very real experiences, and technological innovation able to completely revolutionise the concept of cooking.


Kitchens that look elegant and come equipped with all the latest technology to guarantee the highest possible levels of performance and lowest possible energy consumption.

Maximum functionality and resistance alongside versatility and power for completely safe, high-level performance.

Anyone who thinks all of this is impossible, hasn't met DeManincor Bespoke Kitchens. 

Beauty that challenges time, and knows it will win.